The Art of WarCast

A podcast about card games and board games.

About Us

Tobin and Carl have been friends for years. They, along with John King, created a podcast about Warhammer 40k: Conquest - the Traxis Sector WarCast.
They invited Doug to be a part of an effort focused on Legend of the Five Rings. Now that L5R has also ended, we've changed our format again - this time not focused on one game but several. While also covering anything else we like - video games, movies, books, etc. Since starting podcasting in 2014, we like to think we're pretty good at it - for amateurs. We do know we're having a blast and as long as that's true we'll keep doing it. 
All of us live in the Denver Metro area in Colorado, USA.
We play many board and card games. Many of which we'll talk about. 
We're not quite right in the head. 
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